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I discovered clay completely by chance in 2000, when exploring the art school facilities while considering studies of Graphics Design at the “Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design” in my home town – Jerusalem.

Watching the lump of dirt being transformed and reshaped on the wheel before my eyes, into a gorgeous vessel with an individuality and life of its own, had just blown my mind away. I was completely, hopelessly hooked, spending most of my next three years on the potters’ wheel in “Bezalel”.

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The department of Ceramics Design had also facilitated my second passion - Design. While designing a particular piece, I try to erase from my mind all that has been done in that field, and start from the beginning. That way I come up with a completely new, fresh and contemporary design.

At the heart of my design lies an idea, conveyed by shape, form and contour; without the distraction of colours. The only shade being considered is that produced by the object itself: Achromatic shades of light, and its absence. The contour reveals itself by the presence and absence of material, both of equal importance.

Our everyday life is a compound of private, social and political events. Some are insignificant; some are hard to shake off, leaving a deep mark. Consciously and subconsciously I draw my inspiration from those events and channel them into my work. My work is my way to connect with the world. My language is clay. I create words on the potters’ wheel, and then combine and shape my sentences by hand.

Growing up, I liked spending much time in my own micro-magical world of Lego toys, train sets and assembly kits. Consequently, rarely do I throw a vessel all in one piece. I constantly play Lego, but now, I get to create my own units.


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