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Lilach Lotan | Design, lighting and décor in wheel-thrown porcelain
Lilach Lotan | Design, lighting and décor in wheel-thrown porcelain
About Us: Lilach Lotan and Ron Lotan / Pronounced: Lilac Lotan
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Statement: Lilach Lotan Biography - Ceramic Artist, Ceramic Designer, Studio Potter
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Contact Us: Lilach Lotan, 1760 Jingle Pot Road, Nanaimo, BC V9R6H1 Canada | (250) 754-7727 | Nanaimo, BC | Ladysmith, BC | Vancouver Island, BC | Vancouver, BC | British Columbia | Canada
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Lighting Gallery
Decor Gallery
Monthly Spotlight
Details-Ceramic_Design/ 44 pages
Metamorphosis ~ Black
Zipper Platter
Zipper Platter ~ Black
Buckle Platter
Buckle Platter ~ Black
Buttons Platter
Buttons Platter ~ Black
Screw Vase
Screw Vase ~ Black
Missing Vase
Missing Vase ~ Black
Zipper Vase
Zipper Vase ~ Black
Faucet Vase
Faucet Vase ~ Black
Driving Teapot
Driving Teapot ~ Black
Signature Teapot Porcelain
Signature Teapot Porcelain ~ Black
Cream & Sugar Porcelain
Cream & Sugar Porcelain ~ Black
Olive-oil & Vinegar Set
Olive-oil & Vinegar Set ~ Black
The Ice Skater
The Ice Skater ~ Black
Jug with Attitude
Jug with Attitude ~ Black
Goblets in Motion
Goblets in Motion ~ Black
Balancing Candlesticks
Balancing Candlesticks ~ Black
Aliens Salt & Peppers Porcelain
Aliens Salt & Peppers Porcelain ~ Black
Mug ~ Black
V Platter Porcelain
V Platter Porcelain ~ Black
Serving Bowl Porcelain
Serving Bowl Porcelain ~ Black
Rice Bowl / V Bowl Porcelain
Rice Bowl / V Bowl Porcelain ~ Black
V Cup Porcelain
V Cup Porcelain ~ Black
Details-Decor/ 32 pages
Long Necked Pitcher (featured in 500 Pitchers)
Coral Reef
Laced Boot
Power Play
On Tap
Classic Zipper
Conduit Vase
Screw Vase
Tectonic I Vase
Tectonic II Vase
V Vase
Faucet Vase
It's Your Move!
The Nomad
Tectonic I
Tectonic II
Postcards from Home
The Librarian
Wedding at the Pub
Candle Holders
Sake Set
Sushi Set
Rice Bowl Set
Tozan Firing Experience by the Tozan Cultural Society, Nanaimo, BC Canada
Details-Lighting/ 30 pages
Cactus Flower
Coral Reef Wall Sconce: Spikes
Coral Reef Wall Sconce: Funnels
Coral Reef Wall Sconce: Barnacles
Coral Reef Wall Sconce: Shells
Coral Reef Wall Sconce: Flowers
Coral Reef Wall Sconce: Tubes
Coral Reef Pendant - Spikes
Coral Reef Pendant - Funnels
Coral Reef Pendant - Barnacles
Coral Reef Pendant - Shells
Coral Reef Pendant - Flowers
Coral Reef Pendant - Tubes
Coral Reef Mini Light: Spikes
Coral Reef Mini Light: Funnels
Coral Reef Mini Light: Barnacles
Coral Reef Mini Light: Shells
Coral Reef Mini Light: Flowers
Coral Reef Mini Light: Tubes
Coral Tea-Light Spikes
Coral Tea-Light Funnels
Coral Tea-Light Barnacles
Coral Tea-Light Shells
Coral Tea-Light Flowers
Coral Tea-Light Tubes
PDF/ 2 pages