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Welcome to Ceramic-Art.ca: Lilach Lotan's website!  

LLCA.CA is a partnership of a team-in-life, Lilach & Ron Lotan. Established in 2003, the business has soon shown us its path. Changing from a generalized combined Studio for Pottery and Jewellery, through a Pottery oriented, into an Innovative approach to Ceramic Art and Design. As one thinks of Pottery, certain images pop up in mind. We are here to change the concept of Pottery, and bring it to the 21st Century. Accent is put on Design, technique and ultimately Art, Ceramic Art.



Lilach Lotan.

Lilach Lotan: 2006 NICHE Award Winner

(Pronounced: Lilac Lotan)

Lilach’s first encounter with Clay was in 2000. Having studied Ceramics Design in Israel’s top academy for the Arts – the Bezalel Academy, after which she and her husband Ron have immigrated to Canada in 2003, and soon settled in the beautiful town of Ladysmith (and in 2007 - moved to Nanaimo), on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. A young and fresh spirit has been brought with them, and soon defined a Signature Mark onto the local pottery scene. Even today, Lilach’s work continues to evolve and change, adding Porcelain to her repertoire. Lilach’s vision for her Ceramic Art lies in the International scene, as both partners take on various projects to ensure just that. Since 2008, she has devoted herself to mastering porcelain, and utilizing it to create Lighhting.

Lilach is a recipient of the 2009 BC Creative Achievement Award for Applied Art & Design, recognizing her innovation and design in Ceramics. She had also received the 2008 One of a kind Award for Excellence in all Craft Media, Western Canada. This award was bestowed by the Craft Council of British Columbia (CCBC). Furthermore, a THREE TIME recipient of the coveted 2010, 2007 & 2006 NICHE Award, awarded by the Rosen Group, organizers of the Philadelphia Buyers Market of American Craft, and publishers of NICHE and American Style magazines; as well as 2006 Emerging Artist, selected by the Ceramics Monthly magazine – the industry’s leading publication. Two of her pieces have recently been featured in “500 Pitchers” and "500 Plates and Chargers" by Lark Books, distributed worldwide.



Ron Lotan, GJG (GIA).

Ron Lotan, GJG (GIA)

An Internationally recognized Gemologist, Appraiser and Jeweller with a career spanning 10 years in those fields, has temporarily laid down his Gemological expertise aside, in favour of a new and exciting life in Canada, targeting the operation and management of Lilach Lotan Ceramic-Art.ca.

Ron’s expertise seamlessly translated into the new venture, as he currently oversees all aspects of the business: market research and development, contact galleries and wholesale to the trade, public relations, bookkeeping, professional photography, and web authoring.

Partners in Life Partners in Life

The synergy between the two partners enables Lilach to have a 100% studio time, without the distraction of routine business operations. Key decisions are made, of course, by mutual agreement.




Intro. to: Ceramic Design.

At the heart of a good design lies an idea, conveyed by shape, form and contour; without the distraction of colours. The only shade being considered is that produced by the object itself: Achromatic shades of light, and its absence. The contour reveals itself by the presence and absence of material, both of equal importance.

Our wheel thrown, ceramic designed pieces are made out of porcelain, chosen for its' purity. A semi-matte white or charcoal-black glaze is used for the same reason. The glaze has been scientifically tested, and is food safe. Once there are no more material considerations, the field is left open for the ideas to start taking their form. Pieces are Electric fired to cone 6. They appeal to the modern interior designer, home decorator, or the industrial designer. Fitting perfectly with the urban and chic lifestyle, they engage the observer in exploring the essence of an object.

Our glazes have been researched, created from scratch, and tested by Digital Fire’s Insight 5.4 software, to ensure their food safety, resistance to household elements, such as food colourants, acids and hygiene; microwave and dishwasher safe.

Within this Gallery you’ll find an assortment of vases, jugs, vessels and sculptures; adapted to exhibit their beauty in an achromatic manner.




Intro. to: Lighting.

Wheel-thrown unglazed translucent porcelain makes up our Lighting Gallery. The tactile qualities of the 'naked' porcelain are utilized, bringing to life the amazing colours and shades produced. As light passes through the porcelain, it changes its colour to a warm orange, and enhances the attributes of the thrown piece: You can recognize the rings created by the throwing process, contribute to the handmade, one-of-a-kind quality. Whether hung on the wall, suspended from the ceiling or tabletop centerpiece, they create an illuminated, functional piece of art. Raking nominations and awards, our Coral Reef Wall Sconce was selected as 2006 NICHE Awards Finalist.






Intro. to: Décor.

“As much as I like being in control of the making process, at some point the piece gets a life of its own. It’s being born instead of being made. Of course I put my ‘genes’ into it, but then nature does its magic. It’s refreshing to let my guard down when it comes to the firing. In wood firing I use almost no glazes. Everything is left up to heat, ash and mostly chance. If it works, there is nothing like it! You can never imitate chance! When firing in an electric kiln I chose to incorporate wood ash as a primary ingredient in my glazes, because its effect is somewhat unpredictable. It ‘shuffles my cards’. I never know what I’m going to get. Each kiln opening is a surprise!”

All pieces and their components are wheel thrown stoneware. Altered, and fired in Tozan Wood firing kiln to cone 12, or Electric kiln to cone 6. We’re proud to present to you our Gallery of One-of-a-kind pieces.




Nov 2008: We have discontinued our Unique Functional Pottery line in Brown Stoneware, featuring Island Green and Pacific Blue glazes. We now focus solely on porcelain.

Feb 2007: Lilach's Jug with Attitude is a WINNER of the 2007 NICHE Awards, in Ceramics: Wheel-thrown Category, awarded by the NICHE magazine, Philadelphia, PA.

Click Here for the NICHE Website.


Publications and Press Releases.

July 2006 - Form & Fire @ The TOSH: Invitation

May 2006 - Ceramics Monthly "Emerging Artists 2006"

May 2006 - 500 Pitchers / Lark Books

Feb 2006 - NICHE Awards WINNER 2006

Oct 2005 - Arts Umbrella "SPLASH 2005" Catalogue

Aug 2005 - Langley Advance News

July 2005 - Tozan 10th Anniversary Book

May 2005 - Nanaimo Daily News

Mar 2005 - Ceramics Monthly "Upfront"

Feb 2005 - PGBC - BC Potters Newsletter

Feb 2005 - Bottled @ PGBC: Invitation

Feb 2005 - Ladysmith-Chemainus Chronicle

Feb 2005 - Take 5! Newsmagazine

Aug 2004 - Comox Valley Echo

July 2004 - Ladysmith-Chemainus Chronicle

Apr 2004 - Take 5! Newsmagazine


Lilach's CV.

Lilach Lotan's Resume in PDF format Lilach Lotan CV


Ron's CV.

Ron Lotan's Resume in PDF format Ron Lotan CV


Copyright Information.

All designs, products, images and contents are copyright Lilach Lotan Ceramic-Art.ca. They may not be digitally downloaded, altered or reproduced in any way or form without the written consent of LLCA.CA. Any violation of the copyright terms, including but not limited to: copying, duplication of design and/or materials and techniques, with or without alteration; will be prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law.


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